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Lyle Viereck is the President of Lyle Viereck Consulting Services, which offers business services in the areas of Strategic Planning for Companies and First Nations, Community Engagement, Consultation & Reconciliation, and Negotiations and Mandate Development for both corporations and First Nations. Lyle also is a speaker and presenter on a wide range of topics.

Lyle is former Director of Aboriginal Relations and Negotiations with BC Hydro. He was with BC Hydro for ten years and has been responsible for setting the BC Hydro’s strategic direction for building sustainable relationships with First Nations throughout British Columbia. In 2012, Lyle led his team in achieving gold status in the Progressive Aboriginal Relations Program (PAR). Lyle lead the negotiations and settlement of two significant historic grievances resulting from impacts to First Nations from the creation of the Williston Reservoir and with the St’at’imc First Nations over several reservoirs and transmission assets. Lyle has completed numerous Impact Benefit Agreements with First Nations.

Prior to coming to BC Hydro, Lyle was a Chief Negotiator with the Province of BC and was involved in treaty negotiations on Vancouver Island and northern BC. Lyle was also responsible for overseeing the Province’s consultation and accommodation framework. Currently, Lyle sits on the Board of Directors of Roots of Empathy (an international organization that addresses childhood development). Lyle worked with Roots of Empathy to develop the indigenous component of the program. He is also a member of the BC Business Council’s Aboriginal Relations Task Group, as well as the former Chair of the Canadian Hydropower Association’s Aboriginal Working Group.