Robin Bennewith
Indigenous Outreach Worker
Directions Youth Services

Marcela McBurney

Marcela is a Partner and Portfolio Manager at Leith Wheeler Investment Counsel.  She has over 30 years of experience in finance and is responsible for the discretionary management of both Private Client and Foundation clients.

Prior to joining Leith Wheeler in 2001, Marcela spent 12 years at Bank of America in Capital Markets and Cash Management. She studied economics for two years at Queen’s University and received a Bachelor of Commerce degree from the University of British Columbia. Marcela holds the professional designation of Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA). She is a member of CFA Society Vancouver, the Estate Planning Council of Vancouver and is a board member for the Family Services of Greater Vancouver Foundation.

Board of Directors

Terry Anne Boyles*
Chair; Board Voice Representative

Keith Bergner
Nominating; Governance; Indigenous Relations

Brian DeMuy
Nominating; Ad Hoc Building

Sarah Tutton Frost
Finance & Audit; Nominating

Katey Grist*
Secretary; Chair; Governance; Human Resources; Indigenous Relations

Marina Katusa
Chair; Human Resources; Ad Hoc Building; Foundation Board

Susanne Kingshott
Human Resources; Board Liason to CEO Fund Raising efforts

Tony Kirschner*
Vice-Chair; Ad Hoc Building; Foundation Board

Jocelyne Legal
Chair; Ad Hoc Building

Iris Lo
Finance & Audit; Ad Hoc Building; Spencer Creo Representative

Marcela McBurney
Finance & Audit; Foundation Board

Jacqueline Per
Human Resources; Governance

Rick Pozzebon*
Treasurer; Chair; Finance & Audit; Ad Hoc Building; Foundation Board

David Wells
Governance; Indigenous Relations

Trevor Zeck
Chair; Nominating; Human Resources; Liaison to CEO; Fundraising

*Also members of the
Executive Committee