Robin Bennewith
Indigenous Outreach Worker
Directions Youth Services

Marnie Goldenberg
Vice President, Programs

Marnie Goldenberg brings over 25 years of not-for-profit experience to her role at Family Services. Previously, they held senior roles in organizational development, HR and operations, and program management. As an independent consultant, Marnie has supported many organizations in the areas of governance, program development and evaluation, and served as an Interim Executive Director. Their early professional efforts were focused on vulnerable youth—working in outdoor education, as a legal advocate for young people within the criminal justice system and as an educator at Planned Parenthood in Toronto.

Marnie is focused on developing and sustaining strong teams and systems that respond to crisis and build resilience while addressing systemic barriers with partners, funders, and the community.

Marnie currently serves as a board member of Social Venture Partners Vancouver, which uses a venture philanthropy model to effect significant, long-term positive social change to ensure more children and youth reach their full potential.

Senior Leadership Team

Maria Howard
Chief Executive Officer

Simone Plusa
Executive and Board Liaison

Jessica Denholm
Vice President, Performance & Quality Assurance

Marnie Goldenberg
Vice President, Programs

Lara Barley
Director, Human Resources

Christian Le Nobel
Director, Finance

Amanda Sayfy
Vice President, Development & Communications

Gregg Taylor
President, FSEAP Vancouver