Aritzia’s Technical Development Team is Making Holidays Brighter for Families in Greater Vancouver

“Hope is being able to see that there is light despite all of the darkness.” – Desmond Tutu

Collectively as a department over the years we have provided a holiday for many families who really aren’t guaranteed a holiday for their children. As the cost of living and the cost of food continues to go up more families are not able to afford essentials. When we talk about essentials these are the items needed to survive, the things we often take for granted. In the past families have put blankets, pillows and pots and pans on their wish list (of course along with a few special items for their children and food).

The money raised will go towards buying gift cards for the families to buy their own holiday meal, toys for their kids, and other essentials that the families need. One special experience we are creating is allowing parents/guardian the ability to go shopping for their own children.

Some excerpts from thank you letters last year:

“I have seen the look of relief on my clients faces who seem to experience compounded stress factors during the Christmas season- for many marginalized families.”

“Your thoughtfulness and generosity have brightened the Christmases of people you do not know and may never meet and you have no idea what a huge impact you have made in their lives”

“One of the families had just lost a parent before Christmas. The surviving parent was surprised and grateful to know they had presents for their children.”

“Before getting the gift cards, my clients were so worried about how they could prepare for the holiday under the financial pressure and how they could prepare gifts for their children.”

With our help, Family Services will support 800+ individuals with gift cards for food, toys, and other essential items. Together, we can ensure that those in need receive the support they need, and feel the joy of the holiday season. I know we can surpass our goal from last year. Please consider donating a little extra by having one less latte or lunch out this month. We appreciate your support in reaching this year’s goal of $2,000.



To make a tax-receiptable gift to support Greater Vancouver families please fill out the donation form below.