Here to Support Families: An FSGV and VPL Partnership

Published: February 27, 2024

We love teaming up with other organizations to give people more: more access, more support, and more resources. This month, we collaborated with Vancouver Public Library for a Family Day pop-up event all about meeting families where they’re at. In this case, literally, at Central Branch!

One of our activities of the day was a Wish Tree where we asked people, “If you could have one wish for your family, what would it be?” There were also colouring tables for children with blank paper dolls for them to fill in with the people in their families. This so perfectly fits with the FSGV philosophy of letting people define for themselves who is part of their family. That’s the whole idea:

You define family. We support it.

VPL is an organization that really embodies this kind of open, full support. “As the cost of living rises, families need support more than ever but often don’t know where to begin. That’s where the library comes in,” says Erin Watkins, Manager of Programming and Learning at Vancouver Public Library. “VPL is the first stop to connect people with the help they need. Whether it’s finding the right book to plan your family’s budget or make more affordable meals, providing free parenting or tax planning workshops, or introducing you to organizations like Family Services of Greater Vancouver, your library is there for you.” VPL is the perfect partner for FSGV and other organizations to connect with folks. They’re a friendly, familiar, and reliable place for families to seek out resources and support.

We fully agree that families need support more than ever. The scope of work we do at FSGV shines a light on how much people need wraparound supports. “As the affordability crisis continues to hit families hard, we’re seeing impacts in every area of our programming,” says Maria Howard, CEO at Family Services of Greater Vancouver. “Families and individuals are struggling with their mental health, financial resilience, and overall wellbeing. We want folks across the Lower Mainland to know that FSGV is here for families of all kinds with trauma counselling, family supports, our Financial Empowerment program, and more. It’s okay to need a helping hand. You’re not alone.”

Our collaborative event was such a fun way to show up in the community to let families know that whatever they’re wishing for their families, organizations like FSGV and VPL are here for them.

Photos by Harleen of HDR Photography