Tag: #MoreToMyStory

There’s More to Mae’s Story

FSGV employee, Mae, reflects on how accessing a program like the Sexual Abuse Intervention Program as a child might have impacted her life - and how the work sh...

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There’s More to Rosie’s Story

The sound of a motorcycle sent me down memory lane the other day. Not every motorcycle has this effect, just a specific kind of road bike with a higher-pitched ...

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Introducing the #MoreToMyStory Campaign

We all have a story. It's something we keep in mind at Family Services of Greater Vancouver, every single day. It's why we take the time to get to know each of ...

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Beacon of Hope

“A lot of people who feel they have nothing still have hope,” says Jessie Stokes, a former client in Project Parent at FSGV. “Hope is what keeps people go...

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