Can taking part in a Community Kitchen transform a life?

Community Kitchens—Cooking, Connections and More

Community kitchens, where people cook nourishing meals together, are great ways for people to learn to prepare tasty food while building connections with other people in their community.

That’s why Family Services of Greater Vancouver offers community kitchens that are open to anyone, as well as kitchens for single moms, seniors, men, people learning English, and other populations.

But can being part of community kitchen actually change a life trajectory? Read how taking part in one of FSGV’s community kitchens set Maria’s life on an unexpected path.

“When I arrived in Canada four years ago, I desperately missed my family and my community. My husband worked nights and my children were in school. I felt lonely and isolated. So I took a part-time job at a grocery store, and one of my co-workers suggested I attend the community kitchen program to make new friends and practice my English.

I was not a very good cook! But I was keen to learn and everyone was so friendly. Even my husband began coming with me to the classes. We really enjoyed learning and cooking together.

Every time we came back from a class, our children couldn’t wait to try the new food we’d learned to make. My kids don’t complain at dinner time anymore and they’ve even started helping us to prepare our family meals together!

I now love to cook for my family and friends, and my oldest son, John, does too. I’m so pleased to say we have both been accepted into one of the best culinary schools in Vancouver. We plan to become chefs and maybe even open a restaurant together!

The community kitchen brought my family closer together, inspired me for my future, and changed my life.

Thank you!”

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Names and identifying details have been changed at the client’s request.