When you give, you get. My experience as a Caring Neighbour

I’ve lost two loved ones on my Christmas list this year which could be a sad story, but it isn’t this story.  As a result, I have a little more this season, allowing me to sponsor a senior in my community who could use an extra Christmas Elf.

My match through the Caring Neighbours Program is the sole provider for her tween aged grandson. She is unable to work and has little money coming in. Clearly she gives a lot every day but is very uncomfortable asking for anything for herself. My hope is that I can bring a little more joy to her holiday season and maybe relieve some of the pressure. Will she be thankful for my actions? Probably, but is that what this is all about?

My shopping for her is almost done and more than any previous year, I’m infused with the Christmas spirit. Used to the pleasure of giving to loved ones who receive multitudes of presents from their list of desires (which is also amazing), I am feeling privileged to offer a complete stranger a few items that are needed and could make a difference in their life.

What an amazing close to the year.

– Simone, Caring Neighbours participant

When you sign up to be a Caring Neighbour, you’re contributing to a kinder world.

Here’s what some of our past Caring Neighbours had to say about their experience:

“Being part of Caring Neighbours was a wonderful, heart-warming experience. Our family was matched with 2 families and we all enjoyed shopping, wrapping, and delivering the gifts. Our family is so blessed, and being able to bring some of that to others is a great feeling. We felt the joy and spirit of what Christmas is supposed to be about when we met our families and gave them their gifts. We hope to make this an on-going holiday tradition for our family going forward.”

“I wasn’t sure what to expect but it was a wonderful and fulfilling experience. The family was clearly so grateful and seeing the smiles on the children’s faces was priceless. I would gladly participate again.”

“It was rewarding to participate in something local and that I had experienced as a child. When I first arrived in Canada in 1994, someone had brought over gifts on December 24, 1994; to date, it is one of my most memorable holidays. I wanted to do something similar for someone in my community, knowing how much it had meant to me and my family at the time we needed it most. Thanks again for the opportunity, FSGV!”

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