Category: Financial Empowerment

Finding financial empowerment through RESPs

Talking about money shouldn’t be as hard as it is. Instead of having open, candid discussions about finances, we often keep our fiscal concerns to ourselves and, in turn, let our questions go unanswered. As a Client Coordinator for Family Services of Greater Vancouver’s (FSGV) Financial Empowerment Program, Rocio Vasquez takes the opposite approach: she …

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How Financial Empowerment Builds Strong Communities

Powerful communities are cultivated from the ground up, and when community members don’t have equal access to education, a divide can begin to form. We’ve all heard the timeless idiom, “knowledge is power”, but it’s imperative to realize just how sharply those words ring true. Being financially savvy is an invaluable skill that not only …

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Top Five Tips on Saving for Your Child’s Education

Thinking about funding your kids’ education can seem overwhelming. With education costs rising at over twice the rate of inflation over the last 20 years, developing a strategy and initiating it when your kids are young, becomes critical when tackling the high price tag attached to post-secondary education. Here are five tips to help you …

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