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No Kid Chooses to be Homeless

Imagine spending a cold winter night on the streets. Now, imagine doing it at 16 years old.

This year, 681 Vancouver youth under 25 reported experiencing homelessness. The most common age these youth became homeless was 16 years old.

Directions Youth Services, a division of Family Services of Greater Vancouver, supports the most marginalized youth in the city

These youth are focused on survival, living day by day, trying to meet their basic needs for food and shelter. Most of their early lives are marked by trauma and physical, emotional and sexual abuse and exploitation. Many of the youth live with disabilities and mental health and substance use challenges.

Directions  is BC’s only 24/7/365 homeless youth facility welcoming all youth regardless of their condition

Services include:

  • 24-hour drop-in centre: where youth can access hot, nutritious meals and snacks, showers, laundry, medical care, professional counselling, pet care and other critical supports
  • Youth Detox: a voluntary program focused on harm reduction
  • Youth Safehouse: a safe space for youth to stay for up to a month.
  • Youth Haven: a safe low-barrier house where youth aged 16-19 can stay for up to a month
  • Supportive Housing: for youth transitioning out of Ministry care.
  • Street Youth Job Action: a pre-employment program helping youth learn vital job skills and earn income
  • Outreach: staff connect with youth on the streets

Thanks to you support, last year Directions served over 1,000 youth, handled 8,000 addiction crises, saw 35,000 visits to the drop-in centre and served 15,000 hot meals.

Your support helps give Vancouver’s most vulnerable youth at risk of homelessness a second chance in a system where they are often overlooked. Your gift gives youth:

  • Love
  • Safety and shelter
  • Hot meals
  • Hot showers and laundry
  • Medical care
  • Clothing
  • Counselling, detox and harm reduction programs
  • Assistance in finding housing
  • Art and music programs
  • Employment programs

Every dollar counts, please give what you can. Thank you.

Yes, I will support a vulnerable youth in need this holiday season!