What does family mean to you?

Who does family mean to you?

Take a minute to print out our paper doll template. Fill them in and decorate them however you like to represent each person in your family. This is great to do with children or for anyone who is looking for a fun creative little activity to do. 

Why are we asking you to think about who’s in your family? Because family is kind of our thing. People are the building blocks of every family and our goal is to build them up. To help people get the healthy foundations and support they need in order to create brighter tomorrows. 

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Healthy Foundations

For parents and caregivers with young children. Our consultant visits your home to answer questions and teach you about infant and early childhood mental health, play-based learning, social and emotional development, and more.

From groups for single parents, parents of children with support needs, and those who are looking to learn new parenting skills to groups designed to encourage children’s creativity: we have something for every family!

              Creative Explorations
              Nobody’s Perfect
              Parents Connect
              Positive Discipline Parenting
              Raising Exceptional Children
              Single Parents Group

For newcomer families, we’ll match you with a volunteer mentor to help you settle into the Richmond community.

For pregnant people and birthing parents. A counselling program that starts during pregnancy to help you connect with your child(ren). We’re here to work with you through any trauma-related issues so that they don’t stop you from parenting the way you want.

A short-term counselling program for individuals, couples, children, youth, and families. Over 12 sessions, we support clients on things like depression, anxiety, relationship difficulties, life transitions, and/or grief and loss.

For pregnant and/or parenting youth ages 13-26. We provide high-quality, subsidized childcare services and support young parents in completing their education and starting a career.

For families who are experiencing conflict between parents and teenage youth. Mediators work with parents and teens on conflict resolution and skills-based resilience.

Crisis Response

Requires referral from a social worker. Our family counsellors are here for you and create individualized plans with your family, which might include counselling, education services, and play therapy.

Requires referral from a social worker. Our family counsellors help you reach your goals and empower you as a parent.

This program provides trauma-informed, child-centered counselling for children, youth, and families who have experienced trauma.

A counselling program for children and youth who have experienced sexual abuse.

A counselling program for children and youth who have witnessed or experienced family violence.

Our Support Workers work with victims and survivors of child abuse, elder abuse, exploitation, family violence, and intimate partner violence.