Intact Financial Corporation donates $15,000 to Keeners

Intact Financial Corporation has donated $15,000 to Keeners Car Wash, a social enterprise of Family Services of Greater Vancouver.

“In many ways, the decision to support Keeners was an easy one,” says Mandy Dennison, Manager, Corporate Social Responsibility & Intact Foundation. “This donation is a prime opportunity to make a meaningful impact on the lives of youth and on the environment-both of which are goals of our charitable giving.”

The Intact Foundation specifically supports organizations that address climate change adaptation and improve the lives of at-risk youth.

Keeners Car Wash clean technology is one of the most environmentally friendly ways to clean a car: it’s chemical free, there’s no waste water runoff, and it uses about a litre of water per car. “One of our goals is to operate in as an environmentally friendly manner as possible,” says Andrew Bryson, manager of Keeners. “The cleaners we use are non-toxic, biodegradeable and Canadian made.”

More importantly, Keeners provides employment opportunities for youth. “The youth we hire have barriers to employment – and being young is a barrier in and of itself – so we give them life skills, training, work experience and hold them to regular employment standards, while allowing some flexibility for mentoring and coaching,” says Andrew.

Since its inception in July 2012, Keeners has employed 25 staff, all youth. Almost all have gone on to other employment, or have pursued post-secondary education.

“Intact Financial Corporation’s support means youth can pay rent, do the things they need to do, and learn valuable job and life skills,” says Andrew.

“It’s really cool to see the confidence and resilience youth build just by having a job. We couldn’t do that without Intact’s support. Thank you”