Love breathing dragons

Students create powerful artwork to address bullying

RSVP Ambassadors in grades 6 and 7 at Sexsmith Elementary School created these beautiful pieces of artwork to mark Anti-Bullying Day, which was held on February 26, 2014.

Together with Family Services counsellor Ruby Mirmiran and staff at the school, they explored healthy relationship themes. They took part in mentorship training and shared their knowledge with new students in the program, as well as the entire school, by way of small group projects and classroom presentations. They also took part in a school wide assembly focusing on anti-bullying skills and messages of hope.

RSVPLoveLove – If you don’t have love it can be a dark world. That is one of the reasons why my art is cheerful; it is to show everyone how I feel when I am surrounded by love.

RSVPLovebreathingdragonLove breathing dragon – Dragons are supposed to be tough and angry; my collage shows that even a dragon can control his anger and can show love, that is why he is breathing love instead of fire! People can also do the same and learn to control their anger.

RSVPAcceptanceAccept Others – You should accept people who are different because inside everyone is still the same. You don’t want to hurt others by not being friendly with them.

RSVPPeaceLoveHeart Stopping Message – My art represents a loving collage of the world. It shows us that we should remember that there is always somebody to help.