Families do the best they can, but sometimes they need help.

FSGV walks alongside families all across the Lower Mainland every day with compassion as they face difficult times. We provide counselling to children and families to heal from trauma, support and resources for victims of abuse, financial empowerment and education to low income families and newcomers, and opportunities for connection and community building for youth experiencing homelessness. We’re able to do this because of ongoing, steady support from our generous donors.

This Family Day, an anonymous donor has stepped up and offered to match a years’ worth of all new monthly donations. From now until February 19th, your monthly gift will go twice as far to help the families who rely on us, for a full year.

Step up and become a monthly donor today to help us make sure survivors, families facing trauma, and folks in need are getting compassionate support. 

Did you get a call from us?

Is the fundraising call I just received legitimate?

We use a company named Strategic Communications to call our supporters sometimes. 

They’ll ask if you want to set up a monthly gift, increase your current gift, or offer other opportunities. They’ll also make calls to welcome, thank you, and tell you about the work and progress you’ve made possible. 

If you have any suspicions about the call, please check that:  

  • the call is from Canada  
  • the caller states their first name and that the call is on behalf of Family Services of Greater Vancouver  
  • the caller has access to your Family Services of Greater Vancouver donation history   
  • the caller knows FSGV’s mission and vision and can answer questions about our work  
  • Our callers will never ask for your social insurance or passport numbers. If you donate or update your information, the caller will ask for your bank details. 

If you’re concerned the call may not be real or if you want to opt out of these kinds of calls, let the team know at T: 604-349-2263 or email [email protected] with your full address, name, and telephone number.