Winter can be a particularly difficult time for people who are struggling to make ends meet. Many children, youth, and families don’t have the tools and resources they need and are just doing what they can to survive. 

At Family Services of Greater Vancouver, we’re doing what we can to help them thrive. For a lot of our clients, this means taking a wrap-around, big picture approach to poverty reduction – every day throughout the year. 

This holiday season, you can give the gift of brighter tomorrows.

Our goal is to raise $250,000 to fund our programs in 2024. Your support today means we can support one more youth, one more low-income family, and one more victim of domestic violence in need of essential support in 2024. 

A sincere thank you to our caring neighbours for helping us reach our $250,000 fundraising goal, supporting our operations and year-round programming.


becomes $100, providing a week of groceries for a family seeking income assistance


becomes $200, helping a youth from Directions Youth Services furnish their first apartment


becomes $500, going to our Emergency Fund to help cover the relocation costs for a victim of domestic violence

This winter we want to raise $250,000 to support our poverty reduction, counselling, and crisis intervention programming. Donate today to help us reach our goal!


Every single day of the year, Family Services of Greater Vancouver is meeting our clients where they’re at. Whether they’re an unhoused youth, young parent seeing a Financial Empowerment Coach, a family in our Family Preservation program, or a survivor working with one of our Support Workers, FSGV is walking beside them. With education, counselling, and resource referrals, we’re getting people where they want to be. We’re helping them build brighter tomorrows—and today you can help! 


Unfortunately, counselling isn’t a resource that everyone has equal access to. Costs are often prohibitive for low-income families. That’s why our counselling services are free. When cost is no longer a barrier, people are able to heal, break generational cycles, and learn emotional, communication, and relational skills. Their lives change. From specialized trauma counselling programs for children and women to family counselling – we’re determined to make sure that as many people as possible have access to these vital services.

Poverty Reduction

People face many barriers that reinforce cycles of poverty. We meet people where they’re at and help them build strong foundations for their futures. In Directions Youth Services, this means connecting youth with job opportunities, housing supports, healthcare, and other service providers. In Financial Empowerment this often means teaching people how to file taxes, navigate their benefits, and make the most of their money with budgeting and long-term planning.
To learn more about our poverty reduction philosophy and work, read this blog post

Crisis Support

Whether our clients are victims of domestic violence and trafficking, families facing dark times, or youth experiencing homelessness, our experienced, trauma-informed support workers are here with individualized, client-centered supports. We walk alongside youth as they develop their independence, survivors as they navigate what’s next, and families as they grow stronger. Our focus is always on empowerment, which means helping people build up the confidence, knowledge, skills, and resources to transition from crisis mode to living life on their terms. 

If you’re looking to add some cheer to holidays and donate to charity, Family Services of Greater Vancouver (FSGV) is a great place to give during the season of giving. FSGV is a Canadian charity that has supported vulnerable children, youth, and families since 1928. More than only a family charity, our portfolio of supports is broad; by giving to FSGV you can donate to families in need, homeless youth, and survivors of gender based violence. FSGV programs include Victim Services, Trauma Counselling, Financial Empowerment, Family Counselling, and supports for homeless youth. Your charitable donation makes our work possible, and every monetary gift is eligible for a charitable donation tax credit. For a look at some of the charitable impact your gift has, check our our latest Annual Report. For more information on our charitable giving options, you can explore our Giving page or get in touch with us directly at: [email protected]

*Suggested donation reflects purchasing power. Funds raised through this campaign will go towards supporting FSGV’s most urgent needs and programming. For any questions about your donation, contact [email protected].