Our clients say it best

Throughout the year, Family Services conducts client satisfaction surveys.

“The most recent survey results reinforce that our clients experience respect, dignity, compassion and dedication from the great staff that we hire to fulfill our mission,” says CEO Caroline Bonesky. “It reminds me what a privilege I have to represent these client experiences in the broader public arena. Thanks for all you do every day to help clients regain their sense of self worth, hope and dignity.”

This year, we received over 1500 responses to the survey and here’s what they had to say about the service they received:

Courtesy and respect                          95%
Level of support                                  93%
Staff competence                                93%
Cleanliness of facilities                       92%
Ease of getting into service                88%
Overall satisfaction of service            93%

93% of clients reported experiencing a moderate to great improvement in their life or behaviour as a result of our services. And finally, 94% of our clients said they would recommend our services to others.