We are now accepting applications for our Fall 2021
Internship Program. Deadline is February 12, 2021. 

Thank you for considering FSGV’s Trauma Services for your internship placement!

Our Internship Program in Trauma Services supports interns in both their personal and professional growth. The internship program is an exciting opportunity for interns to refine their counselling skills, develop new skills and nurture the development of “self” as therapist. We wish interns to continually seek awareness of self and use this information to define strengths and areas for growth. We approach counselling from a trauma-informed, feminist, anti-oppressive framework. We believe that work with clients is relational, that clients are the experts of their own lives and lived experiences, and we are here to walk alongside our clients as they move towards a greater sense of well-being.


About the Program

  • Our Internship Program is 8 months in duration – from September to April (we do not offer block placements)
  • Includes a combination of virtual and in-person work with clients
  • Internships are available in our Stopping the Violence Programs, and Child & Family Trauma Programs
  • We typically take on more experienced interns (folks with some previous counselling experience, some play or expressive arts training or trauma specific training)
  • Interns are expected to work 2 days a week and to see 8 clients per week
  • Days of the week for internships vary depending on the site and the supervisor’s availability
  • We provide an hour and a half of individual clinical supervision each week
  • We provide group supervision/peer consultation for 2 hours once a month (all interns are required to attend)
  • We also offer an in-house training program for our interns which includes monthly workshops on a variety of topics
  • We are able to offer some group counselling hours but not enough for all of our interns so you may need to find that through another site
  • All interns are welcome to take any of the agency’s offered trainings (free) of which there are many throughout the year

Application Deadline is February 12, 2021

We are currently accepting applications for our Fall 2021 program (September 2021 – April 2022). Please complete the application form below and attach your resume and cover letter to the form. You are welcome to request a specific site (New West, Richmond or Vancouver) and we will take that into consideration, but we match interns with supervisors according to fit so location may not always work out. The deadline for applications is February 12, 2021.

Please note that due to the high volume of applications we receive, we only interview short-listed applicants.

Internship Program Application Form

  • (ie. children & youth, trauma, art therapy, somatic work)

Contact Us


Jamie Smulders (she/her)

Internship Program Coordinator

T: 604 992 4537

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