RSVP Program celebrates milestone anniversary

The Respect, Safety and Violence prevention (RSVP) program at Family Services held an anniversary celebration honouring over 10 years of helping children learn about healthy relationships.

“Our success is a testament to the hard work, skill and caring of our program counselors,” said Kareen Hudson, manager, business development, RSVP.

“I also have to credit our solid partnership with the Vancouver School Board, our donors and dedicated school staff for helping vulnerable students access the support they need.”

School board officials, program counsellors, teachers, and students came together to commemorate the good work this program does to prevent bullying and to help children build healthy relationships in schools.

Two former participants who are now involved as RSVP Ambassadors shared their stories of how the RSVP program helped them. Both spoke about their inability to make friends in elementary school due to shyness, which changed dramatically when they entered the RSVP program.

“RSVP was something that helped me to be who I am today, which is being confident and ready to face the world,” said a former participant. “It was a life changing experience and I hope it continues to make kids feel less like shadows and more like people.”