Education is a key to pursuing a life filled with potential. It opens the doors to career possibilities that provide for growth, opportunity and a good standard of living.

For many people though, education is out of reach because of barriers such as homelessness, addiction or abuse. The SpencerCreo Impact Award is an instrumental part of an innovative approach to removing barriers to education and training so that individuals can successfully pursue employment.

About the SpencerCreo Impact Award

The SpencerCreo Foundation was established by the Ken Spencer family as a vehicle through which they could make significant impact and change.

The family looks to find innovative ways to solve some of our more pressing social challenges, based on the belief that education is the key to creating a better future. For many people, especially those who have experienced some of life’s most difficult challenges such as abuse, homelessness and addiction, there are very significant barriers to accessing education or training. The SpencerCreo Foundation’s objective is to help eliminate the financial barrier for some of these individuals.

Family Services of Greater Vancouver administers the SpencerCreo Impact Award on behalf of the SpencerCreo Foundation, with the award as an extension of their mandate to support the most vulnerable in our communities as they pursue a brighter future for themselves and their families.

How the Bursary Works

Education is fundamental to pursuing a life filled with potential, opening the door to career possibilities that provide for growth, opportunity and a good standard of living.

For many people though, education is out of reach because of barriers such as poverty, homelessness, addiction, or trauma. The SpencerCreo Impact Award is delivered in partnership with four Vancouver-based social service agencies:

Family Services of Greater Vancouver
Aunt Leah’s Place
Boys and Girls Clubs of South Coast BC
Pacific Community Resource Society (PCRS)

These agencies have existing relationships with people who are working to build the life they wish to lead. The role of each agency is to recommend clients for the Award, make an application on their behalf, and support their clients during their studies so they have the best chances for success.

The bursary is intended to help candidates complete an education or training program that will help them to achieve meaningful employment on completion of their chosen program. Preference is given to education programs that are no more than two years, vocation-focused, and which lead directly to employment.

Based on need, the bursary may cover tuition and educational/vocational program costs as well as reasonable living expenses for the duration of the program.

Criteria for eligibility:

  • Bursary candidates must be a Canadian Citizen or Landed Immigrant.
  • Bursary candidates must have demonstrated financial need.
  • Programs eligible for funding must lead directly to employment. Short duration (no more than two years) and vocational training is preferred.
  • Bursary candidates must presently be a client with one of SpencerCreo’s four partner agencies. As a condition of the bursary, the partner agency commits to supporting the student throughout the  time of their program enrollment, with the agency compensated for support hours.


How to apply

Bursary applications are now being accepted for the Fall season, and are due on June 15, 2020.

All submissions must include:

The online application may take some time to complete. Ensure you have your documents ready and select the option to save your progress and complete it later if needed.

Apply now

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