Steps for Keegan

Those who knew Keegan, knew that he was a man of many plans. While his ambition pulled him in many different directions, it was clear that, no matter where he set his sights, he was always focused on helping others. In keeping with this goal, we have decided to raise funds towards helping Vancouver’s at-risk youth. By donating to this cause, we hope to keep Keegan’s spirit alive, while simultaneously providing support to those in our community who need it most. 


On October 15th, we will congregate at one of Keegan’s favourite places, Vancouver’s own Wreck Beach. To commemorate his spirit and energy, a group of close friends, family, and colleagues will be running and walking up the beach’s infamously steep set of stairs. All are welcome to join. 


While Keegan Letorneau may be gone, he would be ecstatic to know that he has inspired others to support those in need. We look forward to climbing the Wreck steps with Keegan one last time. 


For those seeking to participate in the event – we will be congregating near the bottom of the stairs at 2:15 PM on Saturday, October 15th. The run will take place at 3:00 PM. Bring your finest walking/running shoes and any thoughts or memories you would like to share.


In Memoriam

It is almost impossible to describe who Keegan was in words, because Keegan was larger than life, and lived like no one else.  In his too short life, Keegan tried more than most ever will. He was an athlete, he was an adventurer, a craftsman and a writer. He was a son, a brother, a student of life, and a teacher to many. I like to think that, above all, Keegan was an artist. 

The way he lived his life was his art. The way he loved the people nearest him was his art. Within two minutes of meeting Keegan, you’d know him, not superficially. You would really get to know him. He practiced non- judgment, and taught that way of life to those who were lucky enough to listen. People were just people to Keegan, no one better than anyone else. Keegan loved people and gave everything he had to them, but he had a difficult time accepting that love in return, especially from himself.  

When Keegan had his good days, there was nothing he couldn’t do. But although Keegan’s highs were the highest, his lows were the lowest too. Keegan struggled, openly. He shared his pain with a vulnerability that would oftentimes allow others to open up about their own struggles. He asked hard questions that he didn’t always get the answers to, but he never stopped asking. 

If we can learn one thing from Keegan, I think it should be this: connect with people, love them as honestly as you can, and do what you can for them, but never forget to do the same for yourself. Judge yourself a little less, love yourself a little more.

I’d like to think he’s driving somewhere now, probably to a place he’s never been. His car is filled with friends, the Modern Lovers are on the radio and you’d better believe he’s singing at the top of his voice, thinking about the next beach, next sunset, next friend he’ll meet. 

There is no shame or blame in addiction. Talk to your friends, check in on the people in your life. It’s our job to end the stigma of addiction, for people struggling, for ourselves, and for Keegan.

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