Let’s invest in our future. 

When crisis happens to young people, timely support makes a difference today that lasts for a lifetime – carrying forward for generations to come. Wraparound, trauma-informed, age-appropriate care is the key to empowering young people to fully participate in society as they enter the next stage of their lives.

Your investment in the Children and Youth Fund sets young people up for healthy, resilient, independent adulthoods. 

Our Children and Youth programs and services include:

  • 10K Supported Housing (10K)
  • COLTS Daycare & Young Parent Program
  • Counselling programs including: SAIP, PEACE, Richmond Counselling Program, Family Trauma Program
  • Directions Youth Services 24/7 Drop-In Centre
  • Directions Youth Services Haven
  • Directions Outreach
  • Directions Youth Services Safehouse
  • Street Youth Job Action (SYJA)
  • Transitions for Youth to Adulthood (TYA)