Vancity Community Partner Referral

Vancity’s values-based banking model calls on them to not only provide savvy financial products and services but to look at all the ways to build the community’s wealth and well-being. Financial literacy is one of the first steps on the road to economic strength and independence. In partnership with Vancity, Family Services of Greater Vancouver (FSGV) has developed a suite of Financial Empowerment offerings for community partners, to build our collective capacity to provide meaningful support to newcomers, refugees, individuals facing barriers to financial services, and people living on low-incomes.

Vancity invests in financial literacy because one of the first steps on the road to self-sufficiency is financial education – providing the information and tools people need to make sound decisions about their money. With Vancity’s support, FSGV invites its partners to register for in-person and virtual workshops, Train The Trainer Certification, or to connect with a Financial Empowerment Coach for one-on-one support. 

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