Exploring the 2S in 2SLGBTQIA+

Published: July 20, 2023

Quarterly, the Justice & Equity Committee at FSGV hosts Lunch and Learns. These are open to all staff and the range of topics covered can be anything under the justice, equity, and inclusion umbrella, from body diversity and disability to racial bias and the intersections of identity.

In June 2023, we gathered to watch Two-Spirit People: LGBTQ2S+ Many Nations & Tribes. It was an excellent video for coming together to learn more about the history of Two-Spirit people from the nations and tribes across this continent.

While many times the media used during our Lunch and Learns are not publicly available, this one is! If you’d like to learn more about the history of Indigenous and 2S in 2SLGBTQIA+, what it means, who it refers to (and some specific terms from different Indigenous languages), a few well-known Two-Spirit individuals, and the roles Two-Spirit individuals occupy within some beautiful Indigenous cultures, then you can watch it over on YouTube!

Happy learning!