Counsellors and case workers across all FSGV Specialized Family Support Services are experts who approach every family with care and consideration.

Across these programs, staff assess at-risk families and support them to achieve goals that are in the best interest of the children and family as a whole.


Portrait of happy multiracial couple enjoying sweet family moment with adorable little mixed raced daughters at home. Smiling cute small stepsisters cuddling cheerful parents, looking at camera.  

Our staff provide families with support and referrals to the programs, services, and solutions that will best serve each client. 

“Working with B has been very enlightening, helping me to understand my grand-daughter and why she feels as she does. B has taught me to see situations in a different manner. I will miss our weekly sessions as I have learned from them.”  — Project Parent Client 



  • Family Preservation
    Following a referral from an MCFD social worker, FSGV family counsellors walk alongside families on individualized plans that may include play therapy, psycho-education group and other parenting education, as well as in-home or in-office counselling for individuals, couples, and families. 
  • Project Parent
    Burnaby, New Westminster, Surrey
    Through in-home counselling, parent education, and referrals to community resources, FSGV family counsellors walk alongside families to achieve client-led goals. This approach empowers parents to develop and strengthen their skills to meet their child’s physical, emotional, and developmental needs. 
  • Early Childhood Community Consultant
    In this program, we guide, coach, model parenting best practices, and support parents with young children. Caregivers learn about infant and early childhood mental health, play-based learning, social and emotional development, and healthy routines and attachments. 
  • Parent-Teen Mediation
    Vancouver, Burnaby, New Westminster, Richmond, Surrey
    This program supports families who are experiencing interpersonal conflict between parents and teenage youth. Highly skilled mediators with conflict-resolution training and experience working with youth empower participants to develop skills-based resilience.
  • Foster Family Support Services 
    When substance use, mental health challenges, or violence impact a family’s ability to safely care for their child, FSGV works with MCFD to help find the right placement for them. Our counsellors provide client-led support to foster parents, their family members, and extended family caregivers who care for children outside of the foster care system. 

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