Robin Bennewith
Indigenous Outreach Worker
Directions Youth Services

Family Services is led by a hardworking volunteer Board of Directors and an experienced, compassionate Senior Leadership team.

Together, they bring a breadth depth of experience in the non-profit, community-building and social services sector, as well as business, government, the law, and Indigenous issues to Family Services and our clients.

Family Services’ Board of Directors is responsible for governance, policy, and overall leadership, and providing counsel on a range of strategic and operational matters. 


Board of Directors

Terry Ann Boyles* Chair; Board Voice Representative

Keith BergnerNominating; Governance; Indigenous Relations

Brian DeMuyNominating; Ad Hoc Building

Sarah Tutton Frost – Finance & Audit; Nominating

Katey Grist*Secretary; Chair; Governance; Human Resources; Indigenous Relations

Marina KatusaChair; Human Resources; Ad Hoc Building; Foundation Board

Susanne KingshottHuman Resources; Board Liason to CEO Fund Raising efforts

Tony Kirschner*Vice-Chair; Ad Hoc Building; Foundation Board

Jocelyne Legal – Chair; Ad Hoc Building

Iris Lo – Finance & Audit; Ad Hoc Building; Spencer Creo Representative

Marcela McBurney – Finance & Audit; Foundation Board

Jacqueline Per – Human Resources; Governance

Rick Pozzebon* – Treasurer; Chair; Finance & Audit; Ad Hoc Building; Foundation Board

David Wells – Governance; Indigenous Relations

Trevor Zeck – Chair; Nominating; Human Resources; Liaison to CEO; Fundraising

*Also members of the Executive Committee

Senior Agency Leadership Team

Jessica Denholm
Vice President

Lara Barley
Director, Human Resources

Marnie Goldenberg
Director, Youth Services

Christian Le Nobel
Director, Finance

Amanda Sayfy
Director, Development

Pat Steiner
Interim Associate Director, Community Education & Financial Empowerment

Gregg Taylor
Director, Clinical Counselling Programs, President FSEAP Vancouver

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