Robin Bennewith
Indigenous Outreach Worker
Directions Youth Services

Andrew Bryson
Program Director, Social Impact

Andrew first joined Family Services of Greater Vancouver in 2012. Over the years, he has held multiple positions across the agency, including six years with FSEAP. Now, as the Program Director, Social Impact, Andrew uses his experience in strategic and operational development to further the social impact and mission of FSGV through the delivery of financial help programming, world-class mental health supports, and EAP services. His commitment to excellence has been recognized through numerous awards over his 20 years in client-centered service delivery in areas including employment counselling, SME HR practices development, non-profit board recruitment and retention, and new business startup.

Senior Leadership Team

Maria Howard
Chief Executive Officer

Andrew Bryson
Program Director, Social Impact

Claire Ens, FSGV

Claire Ens
Program Director, Youth Services

Ariane Fleischmann
Director, Communications & Advocacy

Cheryl Melder
Program Director, Family, Trauma & Victim Supports

Christian Le Nobel
Chief Financial Officer

Simone Plusa
Executive and Board Liaison

Carolyn Rhodes
Director, Human Resources