Tag: Money

Wills & Estate Planning Workshop

Has writing a Will been on your to-do list for a long time? Having a Will ensures your estate (what you own minus what you owe) will be distributed according to...

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Saving and Investing Workshop

Join Financial Empowerment at New Westminster Public Library to learn all about saving and investing! Want to save for your future but not sure where to start?...

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All About Taxes Workshop

It's time for Taxes 101! Join Financial Empowerment at New Westminster Public Library for a free workshop all about taxes.  Filing taxes is necessary to be ...

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How to File Taxes: Workshop

This FREE workshop with FSGV's Financial Empowerment program and VPL will provide you a step-by-step look at how to file your taxes online. We'll cover how to p...

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Money Goal Setting and Budgeting Workshop

Join FSGV's Financial Empowerment with Brella Community Services Society for a FREE webinar on money goal setting and budgeting! In this workshop, we'll walk t...

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Consumerism Workshop

We constantly hear messages that tell us that buying more things will make us happier. However, our culture's insatiable appetite for MORE STUFF usually has the...

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