Action Speaks Louder Than Words

Published: January 11, 2024

Ayaaz Jamal came to the 2022 Soirée fundraiser as a guest. He left that night feeling inspired and ready to take action.

Learning about our impact—including a client experience in Project Parent, our day-to-day work with youth experiencing homelessness, and the reach of our Financial Empowerment program—Ayaaz knew he wanted to do more for the community. The new location of Express Auto Wash (EAW), was opening soon. It was the perfect opportunity.

In celebration of Family Day and the grand opening of their Boundary Road location, Express Auto Wash held a 10-day Grand Splash Fundraiser to raise funds for FSGV. Customers received a free car wash in exchange for a donation. The end result? Hundreds of sparkling clean cars and more than $18,000 in to support life-changing programs at FSGV. 

When we asked why EAW chose FSGV as their charity partner, Ayaaz’s answer was simple: “We do right by our people and community.” Express Auto Wash strives to take care of their customers, but Ayaaz and his team also want to provide an opportunity for their staff to do good in the community—and it truly shows. 

“Even if we made an impact on one or two families, we’ve done our job.”

– Ayaaz Jamal, Express Auto Wash

Not only does Express Auto Wash have a long history of supporting community organizations, but they are also making innovations in their business practices. They are one of the first in Canada to recycle 80% of their water—on top of reusing rainwater in their rinsing systems. They are also committed to hiring a diverse pool of talent and often hire new immigrants who face higher barriers to employment.

Looking back on the grand opening day, Ayaaz spoke with fondness and excitement. Getting everybody together, preparing for the fundraiser, and creating memories as a team was invaluable. For Ayaaz and Express Auto Wash, the ability to uplift lives and provide people with a chance for a brighter future is a truly special opportunity. They are in the business of doing good for the long haul. 

Thank you, Express Auto Wash, for your generous support!