From the beginning, before Directions Youth Services was even using that name, DYS has valued youth input. Their ideas, experiences, and wisdom have always shaped the services and programs we offer.

This year, Directions Youth Safehouse—one of Family Services of Greater Vancouver’s youth-serving programs—is 30. To mark the anniversary, we’re looking at Directions’ past, present, and future. More than 30 years of youth-informed care is something to talk about! The youth we serve are some of the most marginalized and they rarely have a place to be heard. But we’re listening, and always have been.

A collection of The Slice archives at FSGV's Directions Youth Services

A screenshot of a page on the Slice explaining about the Safehouse and its agreements between the staff and youth.

While looking through the Directions historical archives, we found dozens of old issues of The Slice, a zine made by, for, and about street youth. We were delighted to find this issue so beautifully highlighting that youth services at FSGV has always valued youth input, that the foundation of Safehouse is youth-informed care.

Today we’re highlighting one specific support we offer to Safehouse youth—one that they receive when they leave. When a youth leaves Safehouse to move into an apartment, we provide them with a Move Out Kit.

These kits contain home basics like cutlery, dishes, and bedding. They’re our way of ensuring that youth get to step into their next chapter with dignity. Youth get to move into a place that immediately can feel like home.

“We always want to empower them,” says Stevie, Youth Worker at Safehouse.

This October, in recognition of Homelessness Action Week, we’re fundraising for more Move Out Kits, as well as all of our our youth-informed initiatives and client-led programs.

Help a young person start the next chapter of their life equipped to thrive. Here’s how far your gift can go:

support youth with basic cleaning supplies


provides youth with basic cleaning supplies, including brooms, dustpans, and wipes

Support youth with kitchenware


equips a youth with a kitchen set that includes plates, bowls, cups, mugs, cutlery, and cooking utensils


provides them with everything they need for a comfortable night of sleep: a set of fresh sheets, pillows, and comforters

Support youth with secondhand furniture


furnishes their apartment with secondhand furniture like a couch, table, and chairs

The Safehouse Move Out Kits are a youth-informed initiative. Youth told us about how uncomfortable it is to move into a place empty-handed, so we’re making sure they don’t have to. Our goal has always been to empower youth for their next chapter.

Interested in learning more about how we’ve included youth for 30+ years? Follow along with the Directions: Past, Present, Future campaign on our social media channels.

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