There’s More
to My Story

At Family Services of Greater Vancouver, we know there’s more to your story.  

That’s why we take the time to get to know each of our clients as individuals, using an approach that recognizes the unique personal histories that bring people through our doors.

We provide client-centered support that is non-judgmental and trauma-informed. What that really means is that we work with our clients, every step of the way. We get to know them as people, no matter how long it takes. We dismantle barriers and show up every day. Then we work on goals together.

When we build trust, we open doors. A youth can feel ready to seek substance use disorder treatment; a parent can feel present for their children; a survivor of domestic violence can write their next chapter; and a person with disabilities can feel confident applying for government benefits.

We take a people-first approach – every time.

There’s More to Our Story Too

Family Services of Greater Vancouver is more than a family charity. We’re a youth charity, a survivor’s charity, and a community charity. We believe that together, we can empower people to start their next chapter with dignity.

In 1927, a survey of child welfare services in British Columbia was conducted by a team of social workers. Two of its major recommendations were the establishment of a family agency and the re-establishment of a social service exchange. Mary McPhedran was hired as the first Executive Director of the agency, then known as the Central Welfare Bureau, and stayed in the role for 27 years. Over the decades, FSGV has evolved its service offerings but always with a focus on social good and empowerment.

Every year at FSGV is filled with life-changing moments. Together they add up to brighter tomorrows for individuals, families, and communities—for an impact that lasts a lifetime.


in new benefits accessed by low-income people

Dismantling barriers and building trust makes a difference. With access to benefits, people can focus on their well-being and goals.


young people moved into stable housing

These youth now have the support and resources needed to create positive and lasting changes in their lives—on their own terms.


the average hours we walked alongside each client

Every client is different. We personalize support to meet their needs.



At FSGV we see first-hand the effects of stigma and marginalization on the clients we serve. We see how disproportionately vulnerable populations – including low-income, disabled, 2SLGBTQIA+, and racialized people – experience intersectional challenges to living the life they want.

At the heart of this issue is that people need to feel seen, feel heard, and feel supported to be who they are. And while society has come a long way, what matters most is how people with lived experience with homelessness, trauma, poverty, abuse, neglect, or any experience of crisis actually feel.

With the #MoreToMyStory campaign we’re sharing real stories in ways that make people feel safe. And sometimes that means keeping things anonymous. Check out our latest videos and blogs to see a new perspective.

Is there more to your story? Help end the stigma and share your story using #MoreToMyStory. 

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Be Part of Our Story

Someone you know is probably going through something immensely challenging right now. You want them to have support. You want them to be seen. You want them to build a brighter tomorrow.

Everyone deserves to write the next chapter in their lives. Family Services of Greater Vancouver helps ensure that can happen.

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What We Do 



Unfortunately, not everyone has equal access to counselling. In fact, cost is often prohibitive for low-income families. That’s why our counselling services are free. When money is no longer a barrier, people are able to heal, break generational cycles, and learn emotional, communication, and relational skills. Their lives change. From specialized trauma counselling programs for children and women to family counselling – we’re determined to make sure that as many people as possible have access to these vital services.

Crisis Support

Whether our clients are victims of domestic violence and trafficking, families facing dark times, or youth experiencing homelessness, our support workers are here with individualized, client-centered supports. We walk alongside youth as they develop their independence, survivors as they navigate what’s next, and families as they grow stronger. Our focus is always on empowerment, which means helping people build up the confidence, knowledge, skills, and resources to transition from crisis mode to living life on their terms.

Poverty Reduction

Poverty Reduction

People face many barriers that reinforce cycles of poverty. We meet people where they’re at and help them build strong foundations for their futures. At Directions Youth Services, this means connecting youth with job opportunities, housing supports, healthcare, and other service providers. In Financial Empowerment this often means teaching people how to file taxes, navigate their benefits, and make the most of their money through budgeting and long-term planning.

You Can Help

Your monthly gift allows FSGV to innovate while we continue to deliver our core programs and services.  Together, we can support the members of our community who count on us, year after year, and for many years to come.